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Baker has been a proud leader and innovator in Manitoba's groundwater industry, since 1924.

At Baker we have a strong background and extensive knowledge of all things groundwater related. We specialize in pumps, pitless units and all aspects of water treatment and waste water.

We also have a significant interest in the health of Manitoba's rivers, lakes and ecosystems. We believe that by offering products with leading industry certifications and genuine track records we can do our part to help ensure the wise ecological management of Canada's water resources.




We continue to offer you two innovative products:

 ...with a MONITOR Snorkel Vent you can keep flood water

from contaminating your family's water well.


...with STERILENE you can safely treat well contamination with an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to bleach.            



Baker Manufacturing Ltd.   1333 Richard Ave.   Winnipeg, MB  R3E 0L1   (204) 786-8721